Get Connected- Weekly Grove Parent Newsletter

Good Friday afternoon parents, I hope that you are doing well. I am stoked because it is Parent Night @ the Grove this week. Read the rest of this article, and you will hear much more about this special night for parents. I hope that this newsletter informs and helps you today. Parent Resource: Music is so important for people. We all enjoy music, especially teenagers. As a teenager, I struggled mightily with music, and even hid some raunchy music from my parents without them knowing. Music is very dangerous to the mind. I did a little bit of research … Continue reading Get Connected- Weekly Grove Parent Newsletter

Get Connected- Grove Weekly Newsletter [Parent Edition]

Good Friday afternoon to you, I hope that you are doing well on this Friday morning. I hope that you have had a great week, and I am sure that you are looking forward to the weekend. I appreciate all that you do, and thanks for being faithful in allowing your students to be a regular part of the Grove student ministry. Information Corner: One Change you need to be aware of: This Wednesday night, I will be out-of-town with the staff of UG on a pastor’s conference. David Sheldon will be in charge of the Grove. He is teaching … Continue reading Get Connected- Grove Weekly Newsletter [Parent Edition]

Get Connected- Video Edition

What’s up Grove Parents & Leaders, I wanted to share with you the “Get Connected” newsletter for all of our parents and leaders this week via video! It is a bit different, but we would love for you to check it out so that you can know everything that is going on in the Grove. We share resources, events, and our heartbeat of the Grove so it is important for you to check this video out. You can view it here: Resource Link: In the resource section of the video, you will find a resource with some articles about dealing … Continue reading Get Connected- Video Edition

“Get Connected” – Weekly Grove Newsletter

Good Morning! What is going on? As you can see, it is Thursday and not Friday. I am sending this newsletter a day early so I do not have to worry about it while down at Word of Life Camp. We leave late tonight, and will be gone all through next week. Pray for the group going that everyone will be impacted and changed! I have included several things in this newsletter that I feel will be a help to you. Our featured Event: Summer Sizzlers! I want to encourage you as the parent to continue to teach your students … Continue reading “Get Connected” – Weekly Grove Newsletter