Freebie Friday: Minute to Win it Games

If you have never seen the show, minute to win it, you should totally set up a time to watch this show on NBC. It is a show where people receive challenges to complete in a minute or less for 1 million dollars. They have a minute to win it! The good thing about theContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Minute to Win it Games”

10 Cheap Student Ministry Activities

One thing that is tough to do in student ministry is finding cheap activities. I have said from day 1 that I want the events that we hold in our student ministry to be affordable for everyone. Now, obviously you have some things that are more expensive such as mission trips, camps, ski trips, etc,Continue reading “10 Cheap Student Ministry Activities”

Freebie Friday- Photo Scavenger Hunt List

One of the top events that we have ever done was a photo scavenger hunt. This is where you divide your students into teams, and each team is given the same list and must go out into the city and find each item on the list and take a picture of each of them inContinue reading “Freebie Friday- Photo Scavenger Hunt List”