Free Parent Guide to Cyberbullying

One issue that is prevalent in today’s youth culture is the issue of cyberbullying. There has always been bullies. When I was growing up, there were bullies in our school. The bullies are not new, the means to bullying are new. For instance, on sites such as, you can anonymously ask bullying questions. ManyContinue reading “Free Parent Guide to Cyberbullying”

Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry

I received an email this morning from “life in student ministry” about the free D6 vids this weekend only, and I began to watch them. It was encouraging, and I felt that I needed to share some of this resource with you today. For this weekend only, the D6 Conference leaders are giving away 4 video sessionsContinue reading “Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry”

Free Easter Resources for your Youth Ministry

The folks over at youthministry360 have just launched another round of free resources, just in time for Easter. They’re giving away three different Easter Bible study lessons, PLUS a set of 10-day Easter devotions for your students. It’s solid stuff that will help your teenagers prepare their hearts and minds for Easter. Easter is suchContinue reading “Free Easter Resources for your Youth Ministry”

Stumin Sidekick Launch Week

Have you heard of “Stumin Sidekick?” Well, you have now! Stumin Sidekick is a new resource website for youth workers. They are providing student ministry curriculum, sermons, games, resources, forms, leadership training, and much more. This week is the “Launch Week” of stumin sidekick, and they are giving away over $1200 in giveaways. You needContinue reading “Stumin Sidekick Launch Week”

Free Webinar: Inside the Teenage Brain

I have taken a bit of a break with blogging. I have not blogged all week which is unusual for me. I have totally forgotten to share with you the free webinar that my friend, Jeremy, is sponsoring. Jeremy works over at which is becoming a hub for parents of teenagers to go and get trainingContinue reading “Free Webinar: Inside the Teenage Brain”