Freebie Friday: Make it or Break it Youth Group Game

Austin McCann shared this free game on his blog that he found from Stuff you can use this week, and I felt that you would enjoy checking it out: I’m always looking for good quality games to do with students. A few weeks ago I ran across a video based game called“Make It or BreakContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Make it or Break it Youth Group Game”

Freebie Friday: Minute to Win it Games with Videos/Countdowns

One of the most difficult things for us to come up with each week is a game for our youth group. Minute to win it has provided some fantastic games for you to use. They make it easy, fun, and creative. I want to share with you a few minute to win it games thatContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Minute to Win it Games with Videos/Countdowns”

Free Worship Backgrounds

One thing that I am constantly looking for is new looping backgrounds for worship in our student ministry! I feel that they look so good, and can take your media department to a whole new level. I came across a website entitled church media design recently under the recommendation of Tim Schmoyer, and was impressedContinue reading “Free Worship Backgrounds”

Freebie Friday: Youth Ministry Resource Pack from YM360

Tim Schmoyer is a friend of mine, and he has been involved in student ministry for years. This marks his final Freebie Friday after 300 consecutive weeks of giving away free resources. “Wow. This week marks 300 consecutive weeks of a free youth ministry resource every Friday! For 5.77 years I have not missed aContinue reading “Freebie Friday: Youth Ministry Resource Pack from YM360”

Free Ebook entitled, “Stronger” by Alvin Reid

Alvin Reid is one of my hero’s of student ministry. He is doing a lot of great things in student ministry, but also leadership. He is a professor of student ministry at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. It happens to be one of the fastest growing seminaries out there. He has written an e-bookContinue reading “Free Ebook entitled, “Stronger” by Alvin Reid”