[Freebie Friday] “Bring em Up” Youth Group Game

My friend, Austin McCann shared a youth group game recently on his blog that seemed really legit. In my experience, coming up with new innovative and fun games during youth group are hard so I try to regularly share new games that I find. So, check this out: “I’m always looking for quick, easy gamesContinue reading “[Freebie Friday] “Bring em Up” Youth Group Game”

[Freebie Friday] Christmas Lesson- Small Things: A Christmas Story

My friends over at YM360 are giving away a free Christmas lesson for youth pastors. It is a great lesson for you to teach a fresh sermon on the Christmas story. I know for me, we have looked at the Christmas story each year, and it is difficult to keep things fresh since our studentsContinue reading “[Freebie Friday] Christmas Lesson- Small Things: A Christmas Story”

Freebie Friday: 12 days of Freebies from Simply Youth Ministry

My friends over at Simply Youth Ministry are doing the 12 days of freebies. For 12 straight days, they will give away a new freebie each day. These are legit, and it is only day 3! You can already download their Christmas trivia game and some Christmas backgrounds on days 1 & 2. Be sureContinue reading “Freebie Friday: 12 days of Freebies from Simply Youth Ministry”

Free Lesson on Justification with video and teaching script

Below is a free lesson that Mark Etheridge is giving away free on his blog. You need to check this out: One thing I really enjoy about blogging is the fact that I can give away FREE stuff! So, here’s a free resource that I have put together. It is a lesson on justification, oneContinue reading “Free Lesson on Justification with video and teaching script”

FREE Thanksgiving Games

YM360 is giving away some great games for Thanksgiving. These games can be used with your Bible lesson, and are really great. They provide all of the work, and you just use it to fit your group. I hope that this quick and fun freebie will be a help to you and your ministry. ABOUTContinue reading “FREE Thanksgiving Games”