5 Ways To Frustrate The People You Lead

Every leader has an impact on the team that they lead. You can try to run away from this reality, but at the end of the day, you leave an impact on your team. The key question leaders must ask themselves is if the impact is a good or bad one. Every leader wants their team happy. Good leaders want their teams to be passionate, excited, and encouraged. So, how do we lead people down this path? Here are some ways that you can frustrate the teams that you lead. 1. Unclear Expectations If you want to frustrate your team … Continue reading 5 Ways To Frustrate The People You Lead

Great Leaders Are First Terrific Followers

This is a guest post on leadership that my friend, Adam Jones has written! I hope that this is a challenge to you: Following is where we learn patience, grace and compassion.  It’s where we learn to hold our tongue and listen, where we learn which hills are worth dying on and which are not.  Following teaches us to submit our will to someone who is ultimately wiser and more gifted than we are. Without first learning to serve and follow, we will never be able to lead with empathy and understanding.  There’s a great chance that we’ll begin to lead … Continue reading Great Leaders Are First Terrific Followers