Balancing Family and Ministry

Your family always should come before your youth ministry! Yes, we believe this, and we hear it taught all of the time, but are we living this out? That is another question in and of itself. I thought that I was living it out, and doing a good job at it, but over the pastContinue reading “Balancing Family and Ministry”

Curriculum Review: XP3 Students

Recently I was offered to try the Orange curriculum (XP3 Students) for our student ministry! Shout out to my friend, Jeremy Zach for giving me some information about this curriculum. I had heard of their curriculum, but had never used it in the past. So, of course when offered, I accepted the offer, and beginContinue reading “Curriculum Review: XP3 Students”

How to empower your parents

The more that I am in student ministry, I realize that my ministry is not totally to the students. For years, student ministry became a ministry specifically for students, but not the parents. Now, it seems that student pastors and leaders are realizing that way of doing ministry created many problems, and is not theContinue reading “How to empower your parents”

7 Things you need to train your kids to do via Craig Groeschel

I wrote a quick book review on Craig Groeschel’s book, “Weird.” You can read my review¬†here. In Craig’s book, he gave 7 things that we must train our kids on from God’s Word. It was dynamite, and it helped me so I wanted to share it with you: Train them to manage God’s money-¬†Proverbs 3:9-10Continue reading “7 Things you need to train your kids to do via Craig Groeschel”

5 Ways to have a successful student ministry this summer

If you are like me, one thing is consuming your mind over the last couple of months, SUMMER! I am always worried of students being gone, and our attendance going way down. I am worried about leaders on vacation. Also, scheduling is a nightmare it seems like. How can we have a successful student ministryContinue reading “5 Ways to have a successful student ministry this summer”