7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Parent Meeting

As I talk with other student pastors, I find that one of the most frustrating things in student ministry is leading a successful parent meeting. The reasons that this is difficult and frustrating are varied. Parents do not attend the meetings Parents seem to be bored when they attend I cannot seem to engage parents with small group leaders What do I do at a parent meeting? Because of these reasons, many student pastors never really connect with many parents in their student ministry because of their struggle in hosting effective parent meetings. Here is what we must remember, parent … Continue reading 7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Parent Meeting

What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

One idea of ministry that many student ministries seem to be going for is “family ministry.” I have seen many churches hiring “family pastors.” It is becoming a trend. I think that it is a very good trend. This is a little bit of a different concept that our church is accustomed to. We have sought to change things just a bit to move in this direction. For years, student ministry has become a baby sitting service, and parents are relying on the youth leaders to grow their children into becoming a follower of Jesus. This is not how God … Continue reading What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

How to Plan an Effective Parent Meeting

Okay, we get it, we are supposed to connect, engage , and release parents to be the primary disciplers of their teenagers. I do not think many youth pastors would argue with the fact that this is part of our job description as youth pastors. The question is how? How do we go about becoming a family ministry. Obviously, emails, texts, and interaction works. I have found that parent meetings are effective. When I first started in youth ministry, every parent meeting that I had was strictly informative. They were short, and basically regarding youth events, nothing more. Now, I am … Continue reading How to Plan an Effective Parent Meeting

5 Reminders for Parents

Parents, we are getting deep into the school year, and I wanted to give you a few reminders today to challenge but also encourage you as your parent your kids. Discipline is an act of love– I was reluctant to put this one on this list, but it is important. Kids do not like correction. Honestly, adults do not like correction. We actually despise it. That is normal, but we have to understand that discipline and correction is an act of love. If you look at the way that God parents us as His children, He has to discipline us … Continue reading 5 Reminders for Parents

Free Parenting Ebook for Helping Teens Answer Tough Questions

I have been super busy lately, and have gotten away from sharing free resources that I come across. I also have been so busy that blogging has taken a back seat over the last two months. I am back at it though. I saw this free resource recently from my friend, Tim Schmoyer, and loved it. I figured that I would share this with you. “Each chapter in the book follows this format: Biblical Synopses Modern Reasoning Responses Resources Fact Life Lab At 300 pages long, it’s definitely more in-depth than your average ebook. This could work great as a … Continue reading Free Parenting Ebook for Helping Teens Answer Tough Questions

Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry

I received an email this morning from “life in student ministry” about the free D6 vids this weekend only, and I began to watch them. It was encouraging, and I felt that I needed to share some of this resource with you today. For this weekend only, the D6 Conference leaders are giving away 4 video sessions and 6 mp3 sessions from last year’s D6 Conference. I have never been to the D6 conference, but after watching a couple of these videos today, I really want to go. I encourage you to check these vids and MP3’s out. The line-up of free … Continue reading Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry