Freebie Friday: Laser Wars – How to Guide

I haven't shared much free stuff on the blog for a while, but my friend Mark Etheridge did a laser wars how to guide, and I needed to share it with you. The resource is a how to guide to host a laser tag event at your church. Download the how to guide by going … Continue reading Freebie Friday: Laser Wars – How to Guide

[Poll] Do you do a Student Ministry Activity or Retreat Over Christmas Break

I have heard many youth pastors talk about retreats and activities that they hold over Christmas break since the students are out of school. I have heard of many youth conferences going on as well during that time to utilize some time of spiritual refreshment in the lives of the students over the break. I … Continue reading [Poll] Do you do a Student Ministry Activity or Retreat Over Christmas Break

Get Connected- Weekly Grove Newsletter

Good Afternoon! What is going on? I apologize for struggling to get the newsletter out as regular as we used too. I have been super busy the past month, and it has been difficult to keep you as posted as I would have liked too. I hope that this informs and helps you as a … Continue reading Get Connected- Weekly Grove Newsletter

Student Ministry Event Idea- Geocache

How many of you have ever heard of Geocache? This is a legit event idea for your students. We have done this with our students, and they love it. Here is my review of the game: What is Geocache? It is (in a nutshell) an electronic scavenger hunt. You have to have a smart phone … Continue reading Student Ministry Event Idea- Geocache

10 Cheap Student Ministry Activities

One thing that is tough to do in student ministry is finding cheap activities. I have said from day 1 that I want the events that we hold in our student ministry to be affordable for everyone. Now, obviously you have some things that are more expensive such as mission trips, camps, ski trips, etc, … Continue reading 10 Cheap Student Ministry Activities