Pride Vs. Humility

By: Andrew Hale Pride is evil. Pride causes you to think more of yourself than you should, and consequently causes you to think less of others. Pride is the original sin of Satan and ultimately the root of Adam and Eve’s sin. At best, pride will distract you from what is most important and at worst, it can wreck your ministry. As ministers, we must flee from pride. (I know you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard that sermon before.”) So the opposite of pride is humility, right? Wrong. Too often we recognize a hint of pride in our life and … Continue reading Pride Vs. Humility

5 Ways to Start Making Disciples Right Now

By Andrew Hale Last time I posted, I highlighted three characteristics of a disciple-making church. You can check out that post by clicking here. Disciple-making churches are composed of disciple-making Christians. Unfortunately, some Christians have limited the ministry of disciple-making to a select few, citing a litany of excuses. Jesus clearly commanded all of His followers to execute His most basic command – multiply. Today, I would like to challenge you to evaluate your personal disciple-making ministry. Are you currently engaged with others in order to help them follow Christ more closely? Are you becoming a more passionate follower of … Continue reading 5 Ways to Start Making Disciples Right Now

3 Signs of a Disciple Making Church

By Andrew Hale Make disciples – Christ’s last and greatest command. Why is such a clear command so difficult for many churches to perform? Several obstacles limit churches from their greatest potential in disciple-making, but one of the greatest is the lack of understanding how to make a true Biblical disciple. For churches that have made Biblical discipleship a priority, the marks are obvious. This post will focus on three clear signs of a disciple-making church. While there are dozens more, these three are evident in every church that is making healthy disciples of the Kingdom of God. Proper Definition … Continue reading 3 Signs of a Disciple Making Church

5 Reasons Groups are the Way to True Discipleship

I have grown up in a very traditional church setting. I have been to church for Sunday school, morning worship, evening worship, and evening Bible study since I was born. I know the drill, and I have been around people who know the drill as well. I recently took a new position where the structure is a bit different from what I am accustomed too. In this model, there is a Sunday morning, but small groups will  meet in homes during the week. Many church leaders bulk at this idea, and often criticize these new models of church that so … Continue reading 5 Reasons Groups are the Way to True Discipleship

5 Objectives as Parents

My daughter turned two this summer. I cannot believe how time flies. I was told when she was born that she would grow up before I know it, and I thought people were crazy, and that was just some “parenting cliche” that people used, but now I am starting to really feel how time flies. We just found out that my wife will be having baby #2 in March. So, I am just getting rolling into this how parenting stage, and now will soon be the parent of 2 kids. That is a scary thought, but I am excited about … Continue reading 5 Objectives as Parents

5 Ways to Show your Students you Love them

I believe that leaders who sign up to be a small group leader do care about their students, but sometimes struggle with showing them that they care. If they did not care at all, they would not be there. So, how can leaders show the students this school year that they care for their students? Pray for them– Every leader should pray for their students regularly. Students can feel if you truly pray for them or not. They will be able to tell if you are praying for them, because you treat people differently when you are actively praying for … Continue reading 5 Ways to Show your Students you Love them

Book Review: Manhood Restored by Eric Mason

There are not many books written about manhood. I personally have not read many books myself about being a better man and a better leader as a man. Most all books about manhood that have been written make me a bit skeptical. It is not a result of the theology or principles in the book, but rather the overall context of the book. Most of these books regarding manhood are going to deal with the outward major problems of the man (and adults in general). As I received this book, I was bombarded with a completely different approach to manhood. … Continue reading Book Review: Manhood Restored by Eric Mason