Pride Vs. Humility

By: Andrew Hale Pride is evil. Pride causes you to think more of yourself than you should, and consequently causes you to think less of others. Pride is the original sin of Satan and ultimately the root of Adam and Eve’s sin. At best, pride will distract you from what is most important and atContinue reading “Pride Vs. Humility”

5 Ways to Start Making Disciples Right Now

By Andrew Hale Last time I posted, I highlighted three characteristics of a disciple-making church. You can check out that post by clicking here. Disciple-making churches are composed of disciple-making Christians. Unfortunately, some Christians have limited the ministry of disciple-making to a select few, citing a litany of excuses. Jesus clearly commanded all of HisContinue reading “5 Ways to Start Making Disciples Right Now”

3 Signs of a Disciple Making Church

By Andrew Hale Make disciples – Christ’s last and greatest command. Why is such a clear command so difficult for many churches to perform? Several obstacles limit churches from their greatest potential in disciple-making, but one of the greatest is the lack of understanding how to make a true Biblical disciple. For churches that haveContinue reading “3 Signs of a Disciple Making Church”

5 Reasons Groups are the Way to True Discipleship

I have grown up in a very traditional church setting. I have been to church for Sunday school, morning worship, evening worship, and evening Bible study since I was born. I know the drill, and I have been around people who know the drill as well. I recently took a new position where the structureContinue reading “5 Reasons Groups are the Way to True Discipleship”

5 Objectives as Parents

My daughter turned two this summer. I cannot believe how time flies. I was told when she was born that she would grow up before I know it, and I thought people were crazy, and that was just some “parenting cliche” that people used, but now I am starting to really feel how time flies.Continue reading “5 Objectives as Parents”