5 Tips For Handling Discouragement In Leadership

When you sign up to be a leader, you also sign up to experience some seasons of discouragement. It comes with the territory. Not everyone will like your decisions and will let you know it….sometimes in “not so nice ways.” You will lose people. Some because they don’t care for you as their leader andContinue reading “5 Tips For Handling Discouragement In Leadership”

Making the “Stand Out” and the “Sit back” Students a Part of Your Student Ministry

It is easy to make the “stand out” students a huge part of your ministry, because they do just that, they stand out. What about those quiet students who do not stand out in the crowd, but rather quietly attends? Are either more important? No, both are important and both should be a part ofContinue reading “Making the “Stand Out” and the “Sit back” Students a Part of Your Student Ministry”

Does media affect the self esteem of teenage girls?

Tim Schmoyer shared this video yesterday, and I thought it was very interesting, and I wanted to share it as well. You can read his thoughts and interact with him and others here. It has to do with the correlation of media and self-esteem. It deals with a teen girl and how the consumption ofContinue reading “Does media affect the self esteem of teenage girls?”