Book Review: Onward by Russell Moore

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, offers an intelligent approach to engaging culture without losing the Gospel in his new book entitled, Onward. In his book, Moore suggests engaging culture in an entirely different way than many Christians interpret their relationship with culture. He calls his way engaged alienation. His “engaged alienation” offers a completely different approach that might surprise many by his interesting suggestions. Moore summarizes his top objectives and beliefs about engaging culture into several topics. Human dignity, religious liberty, family stability, and convictional kindness are his major themes … Continue reading Book Review: Onward by Russell Moore

Bursting The Bubble Of The Christian Sub-Culture

By: Mark Etheridge When you walk into a Christian bookstore, you’ve probably noticed all of the “Christian” merchandise the store offers. Perhaps you were even surprised at what all they did offer. As you make your way up and down the aisles, you will notice a variety of t-shirts, CDs, books, bumper stickers, or even some “testamints.” It’s really the Christian hub for any good Christian who wants to separate himself from the world and demonstrate to his lost friends that he is a “real” or “sold out” follower of Christ. Or is it? Many of the things I’ve listed … Continue reading Bursting The Bubble Of The Christian Sub-Culture

What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

One idea of ministry that many student ministries seem to be going for is “family ministry.” I have seen many churches hiring “family pastors.” It is becoming a trend. I think that it is a very good trend. This is a little bit of a different concept that our church is accustomed to. We have sought to change things just a bit to move in this direction. For years, student ministry has become a baby sitting service, and parents are relying on the youth leaders to grow their children into becoming a follower of Jesus. This is not how God … Continue reading What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

Top Resources for Parents

One thing this past year that I have gotten into more than ever is trying to equip and resource parents. I send out a weekly newsletter, and I try to include a parenting article or parenting resource for them to be equipped to be more effective parents. We all need training, and it is important for the youth pastor to resource the parents. Here are a few of the top resources that I would encourage you to suggest for your parents: The Source for Parents– This is a website that is designed by Jonathan McKee. He regularly posts articles dealing … Continue reading Top Resources for Parents