Ways to Engage Young People in the Local Church

One major mistake churches make is not engaging the youth. This is one of the reasons college students are leaving the church. They do not feel engaged and involved in the ministry of the entire church. I think we recognize this truth, but we rarely discuss and write about how to change this. If your church is struggling to engage the young people of your church, this blog is for you. I want to share a few tips on how to engage the young people in your church. Create a regular youth service – This worked at a church that … Continue reading Ways to Engage Young People in the Local Church

[Guest Post] Young Adults and Church Ministry

Young adults (college students, singles, and young married couples) are a reservoir of leadership and service that the church is failing to tap into. Often, we are tempted to run from this age group thinking that surely they are not yet qualified to lead and certainly are not capable of doing anything more than tearing down tables, but the secular world apparently sees it very differently. The United States military is not a mediocre organization. It is powerful force of men and women who protect the rights and freedoms of U.S. citizens. They leave their loved ones, travel around the … Continue reading [Guest Post] Young Adults and Church Ministry

Guest Post: Why Young Adult (College) Ministry

Below is a guest post from David Sheldon on “Why young adult ministry?” Its Sunday morning, you have just arrived at church and are now seated in the sanctuary, and you begin to look around at all the people. You see a lot of people talking and having a great time but you begin to notice something. There are a ton of older adults, quite a few teenagers, and even a good number of younger married couples with ┬átheir kids. But where are the college students? Where are the young adults who have recently graduated college? And then you see … Continue reading Guest Post: Why Young Adult (College) Ministry

NEW College Ministry Blog

I was talking with an intern working in our church about his vision and plans for the college ministry of our church. His name is David Sheldon. David is beginning a sick college ministry in our church called, “The Well.” The ministry┬ábegins next week. We were chatting about blogging, and I challenged him to create a college ministry blog. We all know that this is one of the crucial yet neglected age groups in the church today. We looked, and did not find many solid college ministry blogs outside of simply youth. So, David created a new college ministry blog … Continue reading NEW College Ministry Blog