ICYMI – February 20, 2015

If you are like me, there are so many good articles and posts around the internet every week that it becomes difficult to keep up with all of them. “In case you missed it” is my way of pointing out a few good reads  that are too good to overlook. This list will compile the … Continue reading ICYMI – February 20, 2015

Signs of a Declining Church

Sometimes in church life, decline is not a topic of discussion that pastors or even church members want to discuss. It adds a dark feeling to the conversation, because decline is not the intent or desire of any member or church leader. No one wakes up each day stating "I love that my church is … Continue reading Signs of a Declining Church

5 Things that can Ruin a Church

I do not believe people come to church to ruin the church intentionally. From what I have observed in churches though, many can ruin a church or a ministry unintentionally. It might not be something that they set out to do, but it is something that they unintentionally may fall into. Here is a  short … Continue reading 5 Things that can Ruin a Church

Leaving a Ministry You Love

If you have not read the blog recently, you may not be aware that I recently took a new position in Jacksonville, FL. You can read all about it by going here. As I made the decision, I went back and forth, because I would be leaving a place and people who I love! Now, … Continue reading Leaving a Ministry You Love

[Guest Post] 10 Keys to Improving Your Relational Ministry

Below is a helpful guest post from my friend, Terrace Crawford: "One of the best investments you will ever make in youth ministry is the time spent on developing relationships with your students. I speak with youth workers all the time who get caught up in programming or administrative duties and have a hard time … Continue reading [Guest Post] 10 Keys to Improving Your Relational Ministry

The Presidential Election and Student Ministry

As you know tomorrow is election day! It is the biggest day in our country for sure, because what happens tomorrow will affect the future of our country. Now, how does this come into play with our student ministry and our church? How do we teach our students about politics and the election? I want … Continue reading The Presidential Election and Student Ministry