3 Steps To Breaking The Growth Barriers In Your Church

Every pastor that I have ever spoke with wants to grow their church. If they didn’t, they probably shouldn’t be the pastor at the church. Growth is something that everyone wants, but not everyone experiences. Now, growth in church is always a touchy subject. Here is what I am not saying in this post: I am not criticizing small churches – I am not at all suggesting this. I have been a part of smaller churches, and have loved it and seen God do incredible things. I also think that some pastors are built and created to pastor smaller churches. … Continue reading 3 Steps To Breaking The Growth Barriers In Your Church

4 Tips For Making Multi-Site Work

In 2014, our church launched its second location. Our church has been in the city of Jacksonville for over 100 years, and we have always had a vision of reaching the entire city. We felt that in order to continue with the vision of reaching our city in the modern church context, we must embrace multi site church. So, we set out on this journey and launched a campus about 15 miles away in a growing part of our city. The campus would start in a portable facility, an elementary school. We are four years in and preparing to launch … Continue reading 4 Tips For Making Multi-Site Work

4 Reminders For Church Leaders To Experience Longevity

So you work in a church? Great, but you have probably experienced seasons of discouragement that make you want to quit. Being a church leader is like many jobs in that they are stressful, but it is a different type of stress. You cannot walk away from the stress. You take it home with you and see the people who give you stress on the weekends. You are called to ministry so you have an emotional and spiritual connection that is deep. Your life is centered around the church. You are alone. There is pressure to live up to a … Continue reading 4 Reminders For Church Leaders To Experience Longevity

Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Have you ever hit a wall in your volunteer numbers? You grew the amount of people engaged through serving and then eventually you hit a wall and could not grow it further with your current structure in place. There are seasons you go through where your volunteer engagement is much higher than other seasons. It is just the nature of church life. Oftentimes, our strategy of growing the volunteer number is based on opportunity. This is a nice strategy but it should not be your end game. For example, when we moved from one service to two services, we had … Continue reading Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Three Of The Best Leadership Principles That I Have Learned

I have been in leadership for over 10 years. In those years, I have learned so many principles that have shaped the way that I lead today. Many of which I have learned by failure, I am sad to say. You could write a hundred posts about leadership principles, and never run out of content, but I wanted to share three of the very best leadership principles that I have learned in my lifetime. You could add so many more to this list, but these are three that have shaped my experience the best: 1. When you stop learning, you … Continue reading Three Of The Best Leadership Principles That I Have Learned

Leading Yourself Well

Leaders love leading. They cannot run from it, leadership finds them. When we talk about leading, we usually are referring to others, right? Well, there is an idea that I want to propose to you wherever you are in leadership right now. Here it is: You cannot lead others well or be led by someone else until you have first led yourself well.  Some of you, especially if you are new to your leadership journey find yourself frustrated, because you are waiting until you have a following to influence those around you. Here is the truth that I want to … Continue reading Leading Yourself Well

3 Things Every Young Leader Can Do Right Now

There are so many good young leaders. If you do not think so, you need to subscribe to Thom Rainer’s blog. You can do so here. Jonathan Howe writes for Thom and does a regular young influencer list, and the list continues to grow. Seminaries are full of young leaders who have tons of potential. One of the biggest questions that young leaders ask is how do they lead up? How can they influence the leader over them. Obviously they are young with little to no experience, but have a vision that at times surpasses the vision of their leader. … Continue reading 3 Things Every Young Leader Can Do Right Now