4 Reminders For Church Leaders To Experience Longevity

So you work in a church? Great, but you have probably experienced seasons of discouragement that make you want to quit. Being a church leader is like many jobs in that they are stressful, but it is a different type of stress. You cannot walk away from the stress. You take it home with you and see the people who give you stress on the weekends. You are called to ministry so you have an emotional and spiritual connection that is deep. Your life is centered around the church. You are alone. There is pressure to live up to a … Continue reading 4 Reminders For Church Leaders To Experience Longevity

3 Benefits to Building Leaders instead of Buying Leaders

Every growing church must ask themselves as they expand: Should we hire from the outside or the inside? I believe that in many cases, building is better than buying. In other words, hire and develop within your church rather than hiring outside of your church. Now, some positions are entirely fine for hiring, but I believe that there are some leadership positions that are better for building. A principle to live by is to buy doers and build the developers. Build those who will be developing and leading people. Those with the most influence over your church should be built … Continue reading 3 Benefits to Building Leaders instead of Buying Leaders

Podcasts Every Church Leader Should Listen To

Leaders never stop learning. There are so many great ways to grow as a leader. One way is through listening to a proven leader and their podcast. I love listening to podcasts. They really help develop my leadership. I wanted to quickly share a few podcast that every church leader should be listening to on a regular basis. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – You can view the podcast by going here. Andy Stanley needs no introduction. He is the best in the business for me when it comes to leadership. I would encourage you to read his stuff on … Continue reading Podcasts Every Church Leader Should Listen To

7 ways for Pastors to Tell if They are in a Spiritual Rut

I am about to write a statement that to anyone that is not a pastor or a church leader will sound insane “Being a pastor is one of the easiest places to stop growing¬†as a follower of Jesus.” Now, to the average church member and Christian, this sounds ridiculous. How can a person who is paid to lead others in their relationship with Jesus be in a place where it is easier to stop growing. Okay, it becomes easier when you stop to think that leading people is all that we do, and in many cases we focus so heavily … Continue reading 7 ways for Pastors to Tell if They are in a Spiritual Rut

5 Myths about Youth Pastors

I have been a full-time youth pastor for 7 years. I have also been a youth intern for 3 years before that. One thing that I have noticed is that youth pastors get a lot of the jokes. Some of them are pretty hilarious, but the majority of them are false. Here are the 5 greatest myths about youth pastors: Youth Pastors are on vacation when at camp and mission trips– I cannot tell you how many times I have actually taken a real vacation, and heard jokes, “weren’t you just on vacation at camp with the kids?” Look anytime … Continue reading 5 Myths about Youth Pastors

How to Evaluate Success in Ministry

What measures a great night at youth group or a fantastic day at church? How can we determine if things went good or bad? In many cases, I feel that we as youth pastors and even senior pastors measure success in our ministry by how many people attended, how smoothly the flow of the service went, or how well someone sang. These are all fine, but are these things the determining factor in success or failure? I want to give you a few thoughts on measuring success in ministry: Evaluate how many people you are reaching– We are supposed to … Continue reading How to Evaluate Success in Ministry

Free ebook: Student Leaders are Church Leaders

My friends over at “Leader Treks” have provided a great free resource for you. It is an e-book entitled, “Student Leaders are Church Leaders.” It provides great insight on students being a part of the local church! This is something that we all struggle with, but is something that we must actively be pursuing. The book is written by Doug Franklin. About the Ebook:¬†Doug Franklin will help you understand the theory of student leadership while giving you practical steps you can take to give your students ownership of the ministry. Whether you have a student leadership program or you want … Continue reading Free ebook: Student Leaders are Church Leaders