Bible Study: The Truths about Hell

Luke 16:19-31 This is one of Jesus’s most popular parables. It is the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Lazarus was a beggar and the rich man was in fact rich (since that is what the parable calls him). He had money, and he would not give to Lazarus. Lazarus would beg, and the rich man would have nothing to do with him, because all he cared about was money. Well, the men died, and the beggar went to be with Jesus, and the rich man opened up his eyes in Hell. What a scary place to be after … Continue reading Bible Study: The Truths about Hell

Bible Study: The Great White Throne Judgment

Revelation 20:11-15: Here we have John writing while on the Isle of Patmos. He is writing about the visions that God has shown him. Here, he gets an incredible glimpse of the Great White Throne judgment. Now, the Bible speaks of two specific judgments. The Judgment seat of Christ. This is where the saved are judged according to their works whether they be good or bad. This is the judgment that is based upon our rewards and the way that we lived. Great White Throne: The place of the final judgment for the unsaved These two judgments are very important … Continue reading Bible Study: The Great White Throne Judgment

4 Thoughts to keep students in church after graduation

I blogged a while back about keeping students in church after graduation. You can check it out here. Last week, the topic of discussion from our youth pastor fellowship was about transitioning into the student ministry and out of the student ministry. We discussed several ideas, and it seems that we can boil down to 4 things that we can do to help keep students in church after graduation: Ownership– This came up quite frequently in our discussion. Students want ownership. They want to feel a part. Every student is seeking acceptance, and owning a ministry or job in a … Continue reading 4 Thoughts to keep students in church after graduation

5 Simple thoughts on Influence

Our pastoral staff had the privilege of going to a pastor’s conference in Gatlinburg, TN last week. It was the Timothy Barnabas conference with Dr. Johnny Hunt. This is a great conference, and I highly encourage you to try to attend if at all possible. He gave some great thoughts on influencing others that I thought were helpful and applicable. I wanted to share them with you today.   “You teach what you know, and you reproduce who you are.”   Influence starts with integrity– This is doing what is right in the “little things” consistently. Influence is not the … Continue reading 5 Simple thoughts on Influence

Reasons to try and hire interns in your student ministry

As ministry goes, we are in need of more leaders and even sometimes interns to help us effectively do student ministry! Last summer was one of the busiest summers of my entire life. I was juggling moving into a new home, planning for camp, other trips and activities, helping with vacation Bible school, planning a much-needed vacation, and our baby girl was scheduled to be born. It was extremely hectic as you can imagine. Then came Mark Etheridge! What an answer to our prayers? Mark grew up in the student ministry here, and is at Liberty University studied for student … Continue reading Reasons to try and hire interns in your student ministry

Free Easter Lesson from @ym360

My friends over at youthministry360 have put together this great free lesson for Easter. Easter is an excellent opportunity to share the love of Christ with your students and the people in your community, and youthministry360 have put together a helpful lesson for you. This free lesson comes with sermon outline, handouts, and a¬†PowerPoint¬†presentation. This lesson shows the importance and thread of God’s redeeming love and how it reached you and I through Christ’s birth, His death, and most of all, His glorious resurrection. Click here to download this FREE lesson and explore other great resources that youthministry360 has to … Continue reading Free Easter Lesson from @ym360

How to handle students who are intimidating

Have you ever had a student in your ministry who is just flat out intimidating? You might want to just hand over the ministry to this student, because you honestly feel in your heart that they could handle the role as good as you? Well, the student at least thinks and makes that known to the rest of the ministry. We all have students who are like this. It may even be the knowledge that a student may have that intimidates you as the youth leader, or it could be the toughness or drive of the student. We all have … Continue reading How to handle students who are intimidating