Bursting The Bubble Of The Christian Sub-Culture

By: Mark Etheridge When you walk into a Christian bookstore, you’ve probably noticed all of the “Christian” merchandise the store offers. Perhaps you were even surprised at what all they did offer. As you make your way up and down the aisles, you will notice a variety of t-shirts, CDs, books, bumper stickers, or evenContinue reading “Bursting The Bubble Of The Christian Sub-Culture”

Book Review- “Love Does” by Bob Goff

I was handed the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff for Christmas. I am a reader so I figured that I would read it. Then, the same person gave me the book on cds to listen to on my trip for Christmas to Florida. I was driving by myself so I had the time toContinue reading “Book Review- “Love Does” by Bob Goff”

Free Lesson on Justification with video and teaching script

Below is a free lesson that Mark Etheridge is giving away free on his blog. You need to check this out: One thing I really enjoy about blogging is the fact that I can give away FREE stuff! So, here’s a free resource that I have put together. It is a lesson on justification, oneContinue reading “Free Lesson on Justification with video and teaching script”

Bible Study- God the Father

Throughout life, we as Christians refer to God as our Father. Have you ever wondered, what does that mean? How does that work? Does God act like our earthly father? Well, in some cases, He does, but not completely. Let’s look throughout Scripture, and see what the Bible says about how God operates as ourContinue reading “Bible Study- God the Father”

Our Works VS. Christ Work

One thing that has been on my mind recently has been the thought about “our works vs. Christ work.” I have been challenged in my personal relationship with Jesus to focus more on the work that Jesus has done for me, and not on the work that I am trying to do. In our ChristianContinue reading “Our Works VS. Christ Work”