Everyone is Busy!

Everyone is busy! (Say it out loud…Everyone is busy!) Do you believe that? I do. I mean when I speak to people and say “How are you doing,” they always say “busy!” It is the most used response at least in my experience. So, I now believe that everyone is busy. Well, according to how they answer my simple, “how are you doing” question. I am kind of tired of the expected answer, “I am busy.” The reason I am tired of it is because it makes me want to tell that person how busy I am. Especially when it is … Continue reading Everyone is Busy!

Benefits of a Simple Church

I have grown up in a very busy church. I have been accustomed to a Sunday morning, Sunday school, Sunday evening, and  Wednesday evening services for the week. Then  the bulletin is also filled with event information as well. I grew up being at the church at least 6 days a week. 6 months ago, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida to help with a multi-site church plant. We chose to create a simple church atmosphere. This is much different from the culture that I grew up in. Neither are wrong, but let me share a few benefits with you about a … Continue reading Benefits of a Simple Church