Everyone is Busy!

Everyone is busy! (Say it out loud…Everyone is busy!) Do you believe that? I do. I mean when I speak to people and say “How are you doing,” they always say “busy!” It is the most used response at least in my experience. So, I now believe that everyone is busy. Well, according to how they answer my simple, “how are you doing” question. I am kind of tired of the expected answer, “I am busy.” The reason I am tired of it is because it makes me want to tell that person how busy I am. Especially when it is … Continue reading Everyone is Busy!

3 Mindset Shifts You Must Have The Further You Go Up In Leadership In Your Organization

Everyone that I talk with has a desire to grow up in their leadership. Not many leaders want to just stay where they are at. I think that many leaders believe that growth requires more ability or more experience. Although, this is a part of it, I think moving up in leadership requires more than just your competency or experience. I am noticing that as I grow up in leadership, it requires a different way of thinking. We must think differently the further we move up in our organization. I want to share three mindset shifts that must change the … Continue reading 3 Mindset Shifts You Must Have The Further You Go Up In Leadership In Your Organization

5 Ways To Frustrate The People You Lead

Every leader has an impact on the team that they lead. You can try to run away from this reality, but at the end of the day, you leave an impact on your team. The key question leaders must ask themselves is if the impact is a good or bad one. Every leader wants their team happy. Good leaders want their teams to be passionate, excited, and encouraged. So, how do we lead people down this path? Here are some ways that you can frustrate the teams that you lead. 1. Unclear Expectations If you want to frustrate your team … Continue reading 5 Ways To Frustrate The People You Lead

4 Characteristics of Great Teams

With the sports season in full swing, you may be thinking that this is a sports post. Well, it is not. Look, I am a huge fan of all sports, and recently the importance of great teams got me thinking about the team that I serve with in the church. There are many characteristics that make up great sporting teams, but that is for another post. This post is about the team of youth leaders that you have assembled. This post is for your church staff. In my experience, great teams can be made up of these four characteristics. Great … Continue reading 4 Characteristics of Great Teams