Boundaries for Youth Leaders

It seems like a regular occurrence that I hear about a youth pastor or a youth leader messing up with a teenager sexually. It is sad, but it is the reality. The reality is simple. Anyone of us could fall into this type of trouble without boundaries. Boundaries are there to protect us. Here are a fewContinue reading “Boundaries for Youth Leaders”

[Guest Post] Manners: A Vital Part of our Student Ministry Curriculum

“One of the most important aspects to a balanced and thriving student ministry is having an intentional scope and sequence to your curriculum.  We must be intentional with what we teach and to use the limited amount of time we have with our students well.  And while many of you are thoughtful about your teachingContinue reading “[Guest Post] Manners: A Vital Part of our Student Ministry Curriculum”

6 Boundaries you must have in student ministry

As I look over leaders in ministry, I am hearing more and more about allegations about immoral behavior between a student pastor or leader with a student. I think that it is important to set boundaries for you and your testimony. Here are some boundaries that you must set in your ministry: Never drive aContinue reading “6 Boundaries you must have in student ministry”