Top Youth Ministry Blogs

I have shared a similar post to this a while ago, but it has been so long ago, many have changed. There are tons of good useful student ministry blogs out there. There are so many, and I wish that I could list them all, but I want to share the ones that I personallyContinue reading “Top Youth Ministry Blogs”

4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Leader

I take personal growth in leadership very seriously. Maybe it is because, I look at the students, and part of leadership is duplicating yourself as you duplicate Jesus! I look at our student ministry, and I feel for our ministry to grow, it starts with me as the leader. I want to give you 3Continue reading “4 Simple Ways to Grow as a Leader”

NEW College Ministry Blog

I was talking with an intern working in our church about his vision and plans for the college ministry of our church. His name is David Sheldon. David is beginning a sick college ministry in our church called, “The Well.” The ministry┬ábegins next week. We were chatting about blogging, and I challenged him to createContinue reading “NEW College Ministry Blog”

8 Blogs Every Student Pastor/Leader needs to read

Many people ask me what blogs I am currently checking out. I use google reader for my feeds, and I check out many, but these I check out regularly! These are some helpful blogs for you and your ministry. They entail leadership, media, and helpful thoughts on student ministry. I am a practical guy soContinue reading “8 Blogs Every Student Pastor/Leader needs to read”