A Youth Pastor’s Most Important Time of the Day

Youth Pastors can be busy, very busy. Usually, we are asked to do a bunch of different things in the church that do not pertain to youth ministry. We then are very busy trying to reach out to students, go to games, hold events, and whatever else we can think of. Still, there is one … Continue reading A Youth Pastor’s Most Important Time of the Day

Creation vs. Evolution

Hebrews 11:3 No one can adequately explain the creation of the world apart from God. There is no scientist smart enough to convince and prove the existence of the world. There is no Christian who is wise and smart enough to convince the entire world by proof. Even the secular scientists will admit that what … Continue reading Creation vs. Evolution

Top Posts of 2012

Each year, I try to share with you the top posts that had the most views for that year. I challenge you to go back and read them or if you missed them the first time, here is your chance to check them out. Also, leave me your thoughts as well so that your voice … Continue reading Top Posts of 2012

Free Sermon Series on Technology

Technology is larger than it has ever been! Honestly, what is scary is that it is getting bigger. There is no telling where the tech world will be in 10 years. My friends over at youth ministry media are totally as up to date as they come with technology, and what is new in the … Continue reading Free Sermon Series on Technology

Freebie Friday: A 6 week lesson on Colossians

Today's freebie friday comes from my friends over at youthministry360! These guys are great, and are constantly looking at ways to resource and equip student pastors so that they can be more effective in their ministry! They have tons of free resources, but also a lot of resources that are worth checking out for purchase … Continue reading Freebie Friday: A 6 week lesson on Colossians

[Freebie Friday] Real Freedom- July 4th Lesson

Our Weekly Friday comes today from LeaderTreks. They recently published a free youth group lesson that fits perfectly with July 4th. The lesson is about freedom, and how America received freedom. Then, it changes gears into discussing our freedom in Christ. I checked out the link, and it is great. It comes with an outline … Continue reading [Freebie Friday] Real Freedom- July 4th Lesson

Poll: What curriculum do you use in your student ministry?

We use Word of Life curriculum for our Wednesday program, and we use Word of Life for our Bible fellowship program (Sunday mornings). We are looking at changing from Word of Life in our Bible fellowship, and moving to something different. We are satisfied with our Wednesday Word of Life program, but wanting to do … Continue reading Poll: What curriculum do you use in your student ministry?