5 Reasons Groups are the Way to True Discipleship

I have grown up in a very traditional church setting. I have been to church for Sunday school, morning worship, evening worship, and evening Bible study since I was born. I know the drill, and I have been around people who know the drill as well. I recently took a new position where the structure is a bit different from what I am accustomed too. In this model, there is a Sunday morning, but small groups will ┬ámeet in homes during the week. Many church leaders bulk at this idea, and often criticize these new models of church that so … Continue reading 5 Reasons Groups are the Way to True Discipleship

Practical ideas for training your youth leaders

We oftentimes say phrases like, “train leaders, ” or “develop leaders.” Well, my question is, what does this look like? If we are training and developing leaders, what does it look like when we are doing just that? I basically want to take it a step further on your leaders, and how you can practically train them. Here are a few thoughts and ideas for practically training your youth leaders:       Hold all leaders accountable– Accountability is training. It provides discipline. Every leader in your ministry should be held accountable by someone. We have leaders specifically designed to … Continue reading Practical ideas for training your youth leaders

Coaching Network Opportunity

Every student pastor needs accountability. Whether you want it or not, you need it. We all need to be accountable to someone. Every student pastor needs teaching. When we reach a point where we feel that we do not need any further teaching or growth, we might as well quit, because we will not go any further in ministry. Every student pastor needs healthy relationships. This is huge, and one of the reasons why many student pastors fall out of the ministry. It is a lack of healthy relationships. We need healthy friendships outside of our church that we can … Continue reading Coaching Network Opportunity