4 Steps To Keep Growing

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2019 is finally here. 2018 has come and gone. I feel as I get older, the years pass by faster and faster. I love January, because it is a time where everyone seems to be evaluating themselves. It is a time for self-evaluation and self-improvement. Now, I don’t know if you are a big on New Years Resolutions or not? Some of you set so many goals that it is impossible to achieve them all in a year. Some of you make resolutions that don’t even make it into the New Year. Some … Continue reading 4 Steps To Keep Growing

Book Review – More by Todd Wilson

Calling. We all want it, and we all have some form of calling on our life. Everyone’s calling looks a bit different, and it is important that we evaluate how we are currently pursuing the calling that God has placed on our life. In his book More, Todd Wilson unpacks how to identify your personal calling in life and how you can begin (if you are not currently doing so) pursuing your calling. Be –>Do –> Go¬† This was the overwhelming theme of the book so it is no surprise that it stuck out to me the most. The first … Continue reading Book Review – More by Todd Wilson

4 Values Of Every Connections Team Member At Our Church

Craig Groeschel said recently in a podcast that culture eats strategy for breakfast. If this is true, and I believe every successful organization would say yes, then what should our culture be like? What values should our organization or church hold to so that we have a good culture? Every church has different things that make them who they are, and I want to unveil the curtain of the church that I am a part of. So, here are four values of the connections team (hospitality team): 1. Everything Speaks One value that we communicate to every connections team member … Continue reading 4 Values Of Every Connections Team Member At Our Church

How to obtain a God sized Vision for your Church

Continuing to update and grow your vision is one of the most difficult tasks that leaders face. Leaders are called to lead people to carry out the vision that they have. Vision is important? Why? People are attracted to organizations that have purpose. People follow vision driven people. Bottom line, if you want followers, you must have a vision. You must have a dream for where you are taking the organization that you are leading. So, where does this vision come from? Where do the dreams come from, and how can you obtain the God sized dreams and vision for … Continue reading How to obtain a God sized Vision for your Church