Book Review – Insider / Outsider by Bryan Loritts

I am a big Bryan Loritts fan. So when I saw this book, I immediately wanted to check it out. Not only am I a Loritts fan, but being a pastor, the subject of Bryan’s recent book is such  hot button issue that I needed to check it out. The book did not disappoint. In fact, Loritts writes with a inspiring, transparent, and authentic tone to his journey as a black evangelical in a predominately white evangelical culture. The book is eye opening as well as deeply convicting at times. It is a decent sized book, not took long, but … Continue reading Book Review – Insider / Outsider by Bryan Loritts

Book Review: The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

I tend to read many books on relationships. I believe that I always have something to learn when it comes to how I relate to my spouse, my co workers, and my friends. So when I was offered the chance to review The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis, I was intrigued and jumped at the opportunity to review the book. The book is divided into two  parts. The first section is entitled “the Laws of Love”. I believe that Dave does a good job defining each law of love practically while including a Biblical exegesis for the specific … Continue reading Book Review: The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

How To Deliver An Effective Talk That Engages Unchurched People

Have you ever went to watch a movie and arrived late. My wife and I always seem to arrive late when we go to the movies. I always have tons of questions about the movie since I missed the beginning. I feel lost while all of those who have been at the movie since the beginning know exactly what is going on. I am afraid that the unchurched feel this way when they attend our churches. The reason many churches struggle to be attractive to the unchurched is because so many pastors are delivering talks that only engage church people. … Continue reading How To Deliver An Effective Talk That Engages Unchurched People

How To Measure Success In Church

I am an avid sports fan. My favorite sport is basketball, and it is clear to measure success in basketball. It is clear in all sports. You look at the scoreboard and determine who has the most points. You get points by putting the ball in the basket. That is great and it works for basketball, but how do we measure success in the church world. How do pastors judge if their church is successful or not? Here are just a few of the measures that we measure regularly to determine if our church is healthy or unhealthy. 1.Transformation The … Continue reading How To Measure Success In Church

Pride Vs. Humility

By: Andrew Hale Pride is evil. Pride causes you to think more of yourself than you should, and consequently causes you to think less of others. Pride is the original sin of Satan and ultimately the root of Adam and Eve’s sin. At best, pride will distract you from what is most important and at worst, it can wreck your ministry. As ministers, we must flee from pride. (I know you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard that sermon before.”) So the opposite of pride is humility, right? Wrong. Too often we recognize a hint of pride in our life and … Continue reading Pride Vs. Humility

Financial Freedom

By: Andrew Hale How good are you at budgeting? Let me ask it this way. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being a bankrupt pro-athlete and 10 being Dave Ramsey, Jr.), where do you land? In 2015, I would have rated myself a “6” or “7.” My wife and I are both fairly frugal—we don’t tend to waste money or spend frivolously. We have savings goals and we reject the notion of debt unless absolutely necessary. We’re on track and living in financial freedom, right? So I get paid every week. With each check, I would give our … Continue reading Financial Freedom