3 Questions That Every leader Must Answer When They Communicate

Every leader is a communicator. Now, you may lead but not with a microphone, but all leaders communicate on a regular basis in different ways. In fact, sometimes the least important way that we communicate is with a microphone. Leaders communicate through meetings every day. Leaders communicate with social media every day. Leaders communicate throughContinue reading “3 Questions That Every leader Must Answer When They Communicate”

How To Deliver An Effective Talk That Engages Unchurched People

Have you ever went to watch a movie and arrived late. My wife and I always seem to arrive late when we go to the movies. I always have tons of questions about the movie since I missed the beginning. I feel lost while all of those who have been at the movie since theContinue reading “How To Deliver An Effective Talk That Engages Unchurched People”

Ways to get students to pay more attention during your sermon

When you speak, you notice so much. I can speak and see students texting, laughing, doodling on paper, and then the ones who are bored out of their mind. We see so much. Well, we can complain about how they are not right with God if they are not willing to pay attention, or weContinue reading “Ways to get students to pay more attention during your sermon”

5 Things about your Sermons

One of the primary responsibilities of being a youth pastor is teaching. We teach a lot, and must develop our speaking. I have grown to love studying and teaching as much now than ever before. I do not consider myself a great speaker, but I am trying to improve my speaking to be the mostContinue reading “5 Things about your Sermons”

Things to Remember When Speaking to Students

I have been speaking regularly to students for 8 years. I have definitely come a long way. I remember starting out feeling that I had to be this deep theologian, and for some reason I taught so deep, nothing was happening in the students’ lives. Then, I went into a vague sort of phrase whereContinue reading “Things to Remember When Speaking to Students”