Another Blog Post About Churches Re-opening

How many posts have been written about churches re-opening? Way too many! I mean my inbox has been flooded with posts with subjects like, “Thoughts on churches re-opening,” “things to consider when re-opening,” “when should you re-open.” Im overwhelmed and a bit exhausted with it. I hesitated even writing about re-opening because every blogger whoContinue reading “Another Blog Post About Churches Re-opening”

Key Behaviors for Multi-Site Campus Alignment

Multi-site church is awesome and many churches have gone multi site. Multi-site is the method used by most of the largest churches in the US. You replicate who you already are somewhere else. What a great idea, right? Yes, it is a brilliant idea, but multi-site can be messy and there can be tension aroundContinue reading “Key Behaviors for Multi-Site Campus Alignment”

4 Tips For Making Multi-Site Work

In 2014, our church launched its second location. Our church has been in the city of Jacksonville for over 100 years, and we have always had a vision of reaching the entire city. We felt that in order to continue with the vision of reaching our city in the modern church context, we must embraceContinue reading “4 Tips For Making Multi-Site Work”

Why your Church Plant Should Consider Starting in a Portable Facility

One of the biggest questions that church planters must ask is should they go permanent or portable with their facility. Hopefully in this post, I can give you some insight on the positives of portable churches.

What First Time Guests Look For When They Visit Your Church

Every church in America wants guests to visit their church on a weekend. I do not know of any church who does not initially want guests to visit, but most churches do very little with the guests when they come. For most, they rely heavily on a “turn around and greet someone” moment in theContinue reading “What First Time Guests Look For When They Visit Your Church”