Disney Kids Show Features Lesbian Couple

The Disney hit show, "Good Luck Charlie" announced last summer that it would feature an episode featuring a lesbian couple. The show aired this past Sunday night. In the show, the parents of the little girl (Charlie) set up a play date with one of her friends. Her friend just so happened to have two … Continue reading Disney Kids Show Features Lesbian Couple

What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

One idea of ministry that many student ministries seem to be going for is "family ministry." I have seen many churches hiring "family pastors." It is becoming a trend. I think that it is a very good trend. This is a little bit of a different concept that our church is accustomed to. We have … Continue reading What Does Family Ministry Look Like?

How to Plan an Effective Parent Meeting

Okay, we get it, we are supposed to connect, engage , and release parents to be the primary disciplers of their teenagers. I do not think many youth pastors would argue with the fact that this is part of our job description as youth pastors. The question is how? How do we go about becoming … Continue reading How to Plan an Effective Parent Meeting

5 Reminders for Parents

Parents, we are getting deep into the school year, and I wanted to give you a few reminders today to challenge but also encourage you as your parent your kids. Discipline is an act of love- I was reluctant to put this one on this list, but it is important. Kids do not like correction. … Continue reading 5 Reminders for Parents

Boundaries for Youth Leaders

It seems like a regular occurrence that I hear about a youth pastor or a youth leader messing up with a teenager sexually. It is sad, but it is the reality. The reality is simple. Anyone of us could fall into this type of trouble without boundaries. Boundaries are there to protect us. Here are a few … Continue reading Boundaries for Youth Leaders

Poll: Do you do Family Devotions with your Kids/Teens

I want to poll all parents to find out if they do family devotions with their kids. If you do family devotions, would you mind sharing below in the comment section to let us know what curriculum, devotional book, or series you go through with your kids?

Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry

I received an email this morning from "life in student ministry" about the free D6 vids this weekend only, and I began to watch them. It was encouraging, and I felt that I needed to share some of this resource with you today. For this weekend only, the D6 Conference leaders are giving away 4 video sessions … Continue reading Free D6 Conference Vids & Mp3’s on Family Ministry