Another Blog Post About Churches Re-opening

How many posts have been written about churches re-opening? Way too many! I mean my inbox has been flooded with posts with subjects like, “Thoughts on churches re-opening,” “things to consider when re-opening,” “when should you re-open.” Im overwhelmed and a bit exhausted with it. I hesitated even writing about re-opening because every blogger whoContinue reading “Another Blog Post About Churches Re-opening”

Helping First Time Guests Return To Your Church For A Second Visit

Every church needs to have first time guests visiting their church in order to grow. It’s not rocket science, right? To grow any organization, you have to get new customers to purchase your product. In churches, you get guests to grow or you don’t grow and stay the same. It’s that simple. Now, we canContinue reading “Helping First Time Guests Return To Your Church For A Second Visit”

4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

We have all been there on Monday morning. You know you had tons of first time guests, because you met many of them. The problem though is you have no cards for the guests. Which means you have no contact information. Which means you cannot follow up with them. This is frustrating! So, how canContinue reading “4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information”

4 Values Of Every Connections Team Member At Our Church

Craig Groeschel said recently in a podcast that culture eats strategy for breakfast. If this is true, and I believe every successful organization would say yes, then what should our culture be like? What values should our organization or church hold to so that we have a good culture? Every church has different things thatContinue reading “4 Values Of Every Connections Team Member At Our Church”

5 Things Unchurched People Expect When They Visit Your Church

We all want unchurched people attending our church every weekend! In fact, you should have unchurched people attending your church every weekend. Healthy churches have unchurched people in attendance each weekend. I am privileged and honored to serve at a church where we have had unchurched people visit every week since our location launched nearlyContinue reading “5 Things Unchurched People Expect When They Visit Your Church”