7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Parent Meeting

As I talk with other student pastors, I find that one of the most frustrating things in student ministry is leading a successful parent meeting. The reasons that this is difficult and frustrating are varied. Parents do not attend the meetings Parents seem to be bored when they attend I cannot seem to engage parentsContinue reading “7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Parent Meeting”

3 Things I Plan To Do Now That Seminary Is Over!

Well, this past weekend was a milestone in my life. I graduated with my M.Div degree in Pastoral Studies over the weekend. I never thought that I would get a degree beyond a four-year degree, but with a bit of encouragement from some close friends, I started the process five years ago, and now amContinue reading “3 Things I Plan To Do Now That Seminary Is Over!”

Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders

Every leader understands the importance of recruiting and developing volunteers. It is not rocket science, but so few do this the right way. Why? I believe we recruit people, but not always the right people. Part of being a good leader is not only recruiting people, it is recruiting the right people. So, if weContinue reading “Characteristics Of Prospective Youth Leaders”

Practical Ways to Connect with Parents in Student Ministry

By: Mark Etheridge The more I’m a part of student ministry; the more I realize the need to connect with the parents of my students. The emphasis on working with parents in student ministry is a recent trend, and I believe it is both healthy and biblical. When it comes to parent ministry, I believeContinue reading “Practical Ways to Connect with Parents in Student Ministry”

5 Regrets I Have From My Years in Youth Ministry

As you know, my position has changed and evolved quite a bit over the last 2 months. I accepted a family pastor position after serving as a student pastor for 7 years. This was a very difficult decision. It was tough for my wife and I, but we are confident that this was the planContinue reading “5 Regrets I Have From My Years in Youth Ministry”