How To Make The Most Of Your Time

This is my first “time management” post of my brief blogging career. Seriously. Look back at the archives, and you won’t find one. The reason I have never wrote on this subject is because I felt like I should not be writing about something that I am not doing a very good job of. TimeContinue reading “How To Make The Most Of Your Time”

4 Steps To Keep Growing

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2019 is finally here. 2018 has come and gone. I feel as I get older, the years pass by faster and faster. I love January, because it is a time where everyone seems to be evaluating themselves. It is a time for self-evaluation and self-improvement. Now, I don’tContinue reading “4 Steps To Keep Growing”

3 Mindset Shifts You Must Have The Further You Go Up In Leadership In Your Organization

Everyone that I talk with has a desire to grow up in their leadership. Not many leaders want to just stay where they are at. I think that many leaders believe that growth requires more ability or more experience. Although, this is a part of it, I think moving up in leadership requires more thanContinue reading “3 Mindset Shifts You Must Have The Further You Go Up In Leadership In Your Organization”

3 Ideas For Developing a Leadership Pipeline In Your Church

You know, I have never met a pastor who does not want their church to grow. All pastors desire for their church to grow (at least I hope they do). In order to grow and have sustainable growth, you must develop a culture of leadership in your church. You cannot simply do everything yourself andContinue reading “3 Ideas For Developing a Leadership Pipeline In Your Church”

Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Have you ever hit a wall in your volunteer numbers? You grew the amount of people engaged through serving and then eventually you hit a wall and could not grow it further with your current structure in place. There are seasons you go through where your volunteer engagement is much higher than other seasons. ItContinue reading “Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team”