3 Things I Plan To Do Now That Seminary Is Over!

Well, this past weekend was a milestone in my life. I graduated with my M.Div degree in Pastoral Studies over the weekend. I never thought that I would get a degree beyond a four-year degree, but with a bit of encouragement from some close friends, I started the process five years ago, and now amContinue reading “3 Things I Plan To Do Now That Seminary Is Over!”

The Blogs I am Viewing the Most Right Now

From time to time, I enjoy sharing what I am reading currently. My feedly consists of nearly 75 different blogs so I have a great list to choose from, but there are always those blogs that I m drawn to the most at certain times. Here are the blogs that I am currently viewing theContinue reading “The Blogs I am Viewing the Most Right Now”

Top Posts of 2012

Each year, I try to share with you the top posts that had the most views for that year. I challenge you to go back and read them or if you missed them the first time, here is your chance to check them out. Also, leave me your thoughts as well so that your voiceContinue reading “Top Posts of 2012”

Voting Starts TODAY! Go Vote for my post

Youthmin.org puts together a top student ministry blog post for 2012, and one of my posts (My top 5 epic failures in student ministry) was nominated. Here is some information, and I would love for you to vote for my post: “Here we go folks! We have, in our minds, the best most amazing resourceContinue reading “Voting Starts TODAY! Go Vote for my post”

How to not run out of blog post ideas

Have you ever sat down to do some writing about blog posts, and came up with absolutely nothing. In my short time of blogging, this has happened to me many times. If the experts say that you need to be blogging every day or at least every other day, how can you consistently come upContinue reading “How to not run out of blog post ideas”