Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Have you ever hit a wall in your volunteer numbers? You grew the amount of people engaged through serving and then eventually you hit a wall and could not grow it further with your current structure in place. There are seasons you go through where your volunteer engagement is much higher than other seasons. It is just the nature of church life. Oftentimes, our strategy of growing the volunteer number is based on opportunity. This is a nice strategy but it should not be your end game. For example, when we moved from one service to two services, we had … Continue reading Steps To Growing Your Volunteer Team

Three Of The Best Leadership Principles That I Have Learned

I have been in leadership for over 10 years. In those years, I have learned so many principles that have shaped the way that I lead today. Many of which I have learned by failure, I am sad to say. You could write a hundred posts about leadership principles, and never run out of content, but I wanted to share three of the very best leadership principles that I have learned in my lifetime. You could add so many more to this list, but these are three that have shaped my experience the best: 1. When you stop learning, you … Continue reading Three Of The Best Leadership Principles That I Have Learned

Leading Yourself Well

Leaders love leading. They cannot run from it, leadership finds them. When we talk about leading, we usually are referring to others, right? Well, there is an idea that I want to propose to you wherever you are in leadership right now. Here it is: You cannot lead others well or be led by someone else until you have first led yourself well.  Some of you, especially if you are new to your leadership journey find yourself frustrated, because you are waiting until you have a following to influence those around you. Here is the truth that I want to … Continue reading Leading Yourself Well

4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

We have all been there on Monday morning. You know you had tons of first time guests, because you met many of them. The problem though is you have no cards for the guests. Which means you have no contact information. Which means you cannot follow up with them. This is frustrating! So, how can we prevent this from happening? Here are four ways to better capture guests when they come onto your campus: 1. Have a welcome tent When our church bought a welcome tent that had our church’s name on it, our guest capture immediately went up. We … Continue reading 4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Parent Meeting

As I talk with other student pastors, I find that one of the most frustrating things in student ministry is leading a successful parent meeting. The reasons that this is difficult and frustrating are varied. Parents do not attend the meetings Parents seem to be bored when they attend I cannot seem to engage parents with small group leaders What do I do at a parent meeting? Because of these reasons, many student pastors never really connect with many parents in their student ministry because of their struggle in hosting effective parent meetings. Here is what we must remember, parent … Continue reading 7 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Parent Meeting

How To Know When To Cancel Church

This  past weekend, our church was faced with a tough decision, should we cancel church because of Hurricane Irma? Our church is in the Jacksonville, FL area where the hit should not be too damaging (hopefully). So the decision was hard for us because of a number of reasons: The storm wasn’t hitting Jacksonville until late Sunday evening according to prediction reports. It’s Sunday! This is our biggest day of the week and the last thing we want to do is cancel our big day of the week. The likelihood of the weather being fine on Sunday morning as we … Continue reading How To Know When To Cancel Church

10 Values Of Great Leaders

When you look deep into any successful organization or church, there is an overwhelming theme that all of them have and it is this: Good Leadership! The reality is that not all leaders are good leaders. In fact, some who hold leadership positions are really not that great at all. If you look at the successful leaders, there are some key values that they hold that has gotten them to this point. You see, success in leadership does not just happen. It takes time. It takes work, and it takes some key values or elements in the leader for the … Continue reading 10 Values Of Great Leaders