Everyone is Busy!

busyEveryone is busy! (Say it out loud…Everyone is busy!)

Do you believe that?

I do. I mean when I speak to people and say “How are you doing,” they always say “busy!” It is the most used response at least in my experience.

So, I now believe that everyone is busy. Well, according to how they answer my simple, “how are you doing” question.

I am kind of tired of the expected answer, “I am busy.” The reason I am tired of it is because it makes me want to tell that person how busy I am. Especially when it is someone with less responsibilities than me. Right? Like my kids or the college students that I teach. When I ask them how they are doing, and they say, “busy”, it makes me want to sit them down and prove to them that I am busier than them. (Please tell me that I am not alone in this). It is true in the work place as well.

Everyone is busy. Students have assignments. Kids have homework and the pressure of extracurricular activities. Interns have responsibilities. Adults have work and family responsibilities.

Everyone is busy doing something. So, why do we always answer, “I am busy” if everyone is busy.

Here are a few things I am learning about busyness…

1. You are as busy as you chose to be!

Most of my busyness is my fault. I bet it is true of you as well.

I have complained so much over the past few months about how busy I am with coaching t-ball. Guess who made the decision to coach? Me! Did they force me to? No. I made the choice to coach.

You are as busy right now as you chose to be. This can be fixed with using the word, “no.”

If you chose to be this busy, stop complaining about it (I am speaking to the choir on this one).

2. Busyness is normal and comes in seasons

I will have busier months than others. You will as well. My busiest times are the fall and the spring. That is when our church is busier. I lead our interns during those two semesters. I coach t-ball, and I teach in our college during those semesters. I work hard during those semesters understanding that I may take some more time over the summer.

Everyone goes through seasons of busyness, and that is okay. Busyness is not bad in and of itself.

If you never feel busy, you are probably not doing much that has value.

3. Stay busy doing the right thing! 

This is where I go wrong. I get so busy doing things that do not matter or things that I could easily delegate to someone else. Even things that I am not passionate about.

I am a 9 on the ennegram which means that I am a peace maker. That means that I will gladly take extra responsibilities off of other people if that makes them happier. When I do this, I become busier doing the wrong things.

Stay busy doing what you are called to do in this moment.

T- Ball! Listen, if I am honest, it is a pain in the tail. I hate it sometimes. I have to be at every practice and it has made me so busy.

But listen, my son is 5 and he loves me being out there with him! Our relationship has grown so much during this season, and I know I cannot coach him forever.

You know what I have had to tell myself? Josh, stop complaining about t-ball and enjoy the time out there with your son.

When you are busy, you can get focused on the tasks that you miss the moments.

Be busy doing what matters and what you are called to do in this season.

4. Use the time you complain about being busy as energy to be more productive

If we stopped talking about being busy, and used that energy to be more productive, we would be!

Be disciplined.

Be more productive.

Don’t complain to others about what they could complain to you about (Read it again, it makes sense, I promise).

I guarantee you that your spouse could explain to you about how busy they are.

I guarantee you that your co-worker could explain to you about how busy they are.

Instead, use your conversation to check up on one another. Use the time to ask about each other’s family. Use the time to strengthen the community you have with others instead of complaining about how busy you are.

This post was for me! 

Listen, I am learning this. So, this post was primarily for me, and I hope it challenged and encouraged you in the process.





Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at joshhevans@gmail.com.

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