4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

Oakleaf Volunteers (1 of 1)-19We have all been there on Monday morning. You know you had tons of first time guests, because you met many of them. The problem though is you have no cards for the guests.

Which means you have no contact information. Which means you cannot follow up with them.

This is frustrating!

So, how can we prevent this from happening?

Here are four ways to better capture guests when they come onto your campus:

1. Have a welcome tent

When our church bought a welcome tent that had our church’s name on it, our guest capture immediately went up.

We were having guests before the tent, but the tent being visible, clear, and well staffed helped make a guest know exactly where to go when they arrive.

We added two big signs by the tent that say “new here start here.”

The point is when a guest pulls onto your campus, you need to make it very easy for them to know exactly where to go. So clear signage and a clear place to go helps.

2. Well trained volunteers

As your volunteer team grows, it is impossible for every volunteer to recognize every person attending your church.

So we make it a habit for all of our greeters to say this to anyone that they do not recognize: “Hello, my name is ____________________. I am not sure I have met you yet.”

If this is their first time, that is usually the first thing that the guest will say after that.

If our volunteers are doing this, guests should not be sneaking through them week after week.

Then, we train the volunteers to walk them to the guest tent to get them to fill out a connect card.

3. Provide a free gift for first time guests

Some churches give away Starbucks gift cards to first time guests. Some give away t shirts. We give away a tumbler with our logo on it.

I do not care what you choose to give, but one common denominator is that everyone likes free stuff.

So when you tell first time guests that we have a free gift for them at our guest tent, that usually is an added incentive for them to stop by.

4. Have them fill out the card at your guest area

Whether you have a tent outside like us or a first time guest table in your lobby, one key factor is asking them to fill it out before they leave the guest area.

Sometimes, if the tent is busy, it is easy to tell them to bring the card back after service, but if you let them go, they likely won’t come back and visit the tent.

So we ask for the guests to fill out the form at the tent before going into the lobby.

Capturing guest information is an art. You need to plan and prepare to capture their information or else you will be a church who meets guests, but can never connect guests.




Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at joshhevans@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Better Capture Guest Information

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