How to obtain a God sized Vision for your Church

vision-eye-researchContinuing to update and grow your vision is one of the most difficult tasks that leaders face.

Leaders are called to lead people to carry out the vision that they have.

Vision is important? Why?

People are attracted to organizations that have purpose.

People follow vision driven people.

Bottom line, if you want followers, you must have a vision. You must have a dream for where you are taking the organization that you are leading.

So, where does this vision come from? Where do the dreams come from, and how can you obtain the God sized dreams and vision for your church or the organization that you lead?

1. Prayer

If you want a God sized dream for your church, you must start with asking God regularly to give you the dream.

Too often leaders read and ask others for ideas that formulate the dreams for their churches, and they forget that the most important person is God.

If you want power in your ministry, it is best to start on your face, not your feet.

Why is that true? It’s simple really.

You must spend a lot of time with HIM, before you can know where He wants you to take THEM. [Click to Tweet]

2. Bible Reading

God speaks to us through His Word.

As a pastor, the most important relationship that you have is your personal relationship with God.

Sometimes, we get caught up in the work of the church that we forget to spend time with the ultimate leader of the church, God.

Trying to acquire vision and dreams without a regular time in the Word of God will get you no where near a God sized vision.

3. Be a learner

When you stop learning, you stop leading. – Craig Groeschel [Click to Tweet]

No matter how good at ministry you are, you still have something to learn.

Every person can learn from someone.

You say, how do you continue learning? Here are a ways that I believe you need to do often to continue learning:

  • Read (a lot)
  • Research what other leaders do and how they lead
  • Connect with other leaders
  • Evaluate often

Never stop learning.

God wants to do incredible things through you.

He has called you to lead people with a vision from Him, a God sized vision. Go after it!


Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at

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