Tips for Leading Difficult People

tips for leading difficult peopleIf you are a leader of people, you will come across those who are difficult to lead. If it has not happened yet, it will happen soon.

Difficult people are everywhere.

It does not matter if you are leading in the secular world or in a church, difficult people are there.

So, how do we lead them? Here are a few helpful tips on leading those who are difficult:


  1. Pray for them – Look, difficult people frustrate and suck the life out of what you are trying to accomplish. It is hard to get as upset at them when you are praying for them. This tip does as much for you as it does for them.
  2. Be patient with them – They might aggravate, frustrate, and suck the life out of you. I get it, but always be patient with them. Keep explaining things to them, even if it is for the hundredth time.
  3. Always speak kindly to them and about them – This is where leaders can go wrong from time to time. Speak kindly to them, but also speak kindly about them to other people. If you are praying for them, this one will usually take care of itself.
  4. Be clear and concise – I always recommend saying just what needs to be said. Don’t say too little, and don’t say too much. Be clear and concise.
  5. Listen to them – Be slow to speak. It is natural for us to jump to a defense, but learn to listen before you speak.

If you are a leader, you will lead difficult people. How do you handle it? Comment below if you would add something to this list.

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