Tips for Personal Growth

growth-sign_mbu-570x269Leaders never stop learning. They never feel like they have arrived. They always feel like they can learn and grow more.

Oftentimes, we believe that as leaders we have to go to conferences or a training seminar to develop our leadership and take it to the next level. NOT TRUE.

What if I told you that you can develop your leadership every single day. Here are a few tips for daily leadership growth:

  • Get up early – I never have met a great leader who did not have a morning routine. I am not saying that they are not out there, but I have met a lot of fantastic leaders, and this is always a characteristic of great leaders.
  • Read every day – Every leader is constantly reading and taking in new information. Never stop reading. Make reading a part of your consistent daily habits. Read God’s Word every day. Read a little bit of a book every day and find a blog that you enjoy and read it every day. Read, read, read!
  • Take notes – I heard someone say one time that every good leader brings a pad and a pen to every meeting. Leaders record notes and their thoughts.
  • Listen to podcasts – Why spend hundreds of dollars on attending a training seminar when you can listen to podcast that give the same information for free. I am knocking conferences or training seminars, but do not rely on them for your leadership development in its entirety.
  • Write – This could coincide with taking notes, but I want to point something out. Great leaders record their thoughts through a blog or a journal. Always write down what you are learning. Writing is one of the best ways to grow in your leadership. You will not understand how much this helps your development until you start doing it.
  • Schedule your day – Schedule time for everything that I mentioned above. Make these things non negotiable’s.

What do you do each day to grow as a leader? 

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