5 Ways To Increase Your Online Presence

socialmediaThis is part 2 of a 2 part series on churches and their online presence. Earlier this week, I blogged about why your church needs an online presence. Go check it out here. We all admit we need an online presence, but how do we get one and keep one? Or better yet, how do we have an effective online presence?

Now in the second part of this two-part blog post, I want to address ways to increase your online presence.

  • Post Consistently – It is not good for your organization or church if your last post happened weeks or months ago. I recommend posting every single day. When I coordinated our church’s  social media accounts, I would try to post every day and most of the time, multiple times a day. Now, you have to use a scheduling method like hootsuite to make this thing happen.
  • Use all of the popular social networking sites – Our student ministry is on snapchat because the students are on snapchat (this is not an argument for or against snapchat). Our church posts regularly on instagram, our facebook page, and twitter. Our website also stays up to date regularly. We also use a texting service to communicate as well. If you only use facebook, you are missing out on a large market of young people 30 and down who are on twitter and Instagram. Use them all if you want the greatest impact.
  • Post quality, not quantity – Some churches feel that they need to be online so they go for quantity more than quality. Quality wins every time. The best answer is to post quality on a daily basis. One note about quality is that if you can say it through a picture, do it. Pictures always generate more traffic and interaction than a text post. Download an app like “Wordswag” or “instaquote” to easily make pictures, and it will generate much more traffic to your pages.
  • Engage with people – If someone responds to your post, respond back. If someone tweets you, tweet them back or RT them. Always favorite the tweet. If you are tagged in an Instagram or facebook post, always respond. Respond and try to do so as quickly as possible.
  • Intentionally select someone to oversee your social media account – In many large churches, they hire a staff person who oversees media. I recognize that not all have the means to do this, but you need to select someone who is over your social media accounts. Someone who is responsible for the posts that go out on your page.
  • Social Media Ads – This cost a little bit of money, but has major impact. Target the zip code that you are in. Use ads for your big days. Instagram and twitter also accepts ads and sponsored posts so use them all and watch the traffic to your page increase drastically.

I would love to see what your church is doing online. Feel free to comment with your church’s social media accounts and their website. I would love to engage with your church online. 

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