Book Review: Jesus Prom by Jon Weece

Jesus PromI recently received the book Jesus Prom by Jon Weece. At first the book was not that appealing. I just did not understand the title, and did not care to read it, but I am a book junkie and am a sucker for a free copy of a new book so I took it. When I started it, I could not put it down. I was on vacation reading it, and enjoyed it. Jon is a the lead follower at Southland Christian Church and does a fantastic job of leading people into a life of loving people in extravagant ways.

The book very much resembles Bob Goff’s book, Love Does. In fact, Bob writes the foreword to Jon’s book. I read and reviewed Bob’s book (you can read it here), and the two carry the same passion for radically loving people. Few books  inspired the way that I spend my life and how I treat people like Bob’s book, and Jon’s did the same thing. The Prom doesn’t come until you get deep into the book. Jon talks about throwing a prom party for many who did not get the chance to experience prom while in high school. It was such a nice gesture for those. It was just a nice and loving thing to do. These are the kind of stories found in the book. Stories that will inspire, motivate, and touch you to the point of you acting upon them.

The book is not filled with self helps or methods. In fact, it rarely mentions strategies, it is a book full of stories! Stories do the teaching in this book. Jon compiles tons of stories about his own experiences or someone else’s experiences, and from the stories he draws practical insight on loving people. The book’s premise is found on the cover and can summarize the totality of the book: Life gets fun when you love people like God does. This premise is so true and so real. In fact, it is lived out in Jon’s book.

Jon’s book is a good read, it is a simple read. In fact, the book was not designed to be a difficult read. Some might even criticize the book implying that there must be more, but Jon would say love sums it up and was Jesus’ greatest character trait. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to love people the way that God intends for them to love people.

Note:  I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive/negative review.

Published by Josh Evans

Josh is the connections pastor of the Oakleaf campus of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Before that, Josh had been a mentor and pastor to students for 10 years. Josh is passionate about empowering church leaders to make a difference. Josh and his wife Abby have two children. You can connect further with Josh on this blog or send him a direct email at

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