Book Review: Letters to God by Cassandra Smith

Letters to GodWhen I first heard of the release of this book, I was immediately interested. Then, I had the opportunity to read the book and give a review on the blog which made it more intriguing to me. “Letters to God” is a book that details and fills you in on the feelings, the emotions, the joys, and the struggles of being a teenager. In fact, the book is a great representation of the feelings of students across America. The book was written over the years at youth conferences across America. The decisions at altar calls were put into book form from teens all across the nation.


The book is a good book. It is an easy read. In fact, it is somewhat intriguing that you can finish it quickly. I would recommend you take the time to look deeper into the heart of the teens writing the letters though. Cassandra does a good job giving advice to parents, youth leaders, and students when dealing with some of the emotions that the book encompasses. It is extremely practical information. Some of the practical information can be a bit wordy and lengthy, but is still great resourceful information that you can use when dealing with teens.

I learned several things about teenagers from the book that will help me when dealing with students-

  • Teens are internal– Teens are emotional, and many of them keep their emotions inside. This book will show you what they are feeling, and it will make you realize that feelings are oftentimes kept inside. This is where youth group and the community in a local church should be very important. It is not healthy to harbor your feelings inside all of the time.
  • Teens are emotional people– We all are really. Teens though have emotions that are constantly changing, because they are constantly changing. As youth leaders, we must be patient during these changes. We also have to create a place and an environment that teens can share their emotions without fear of being rejected.
  • Teens crave God– This book shows teens all across America, and how they struggle to relate and communicate with God. Many teens out there want to get to know God, but struggle with how.
  • Teens are honest people– The language in this book is so honest. They are coming before God, and being honest about their struggles. Adults can learn from their honesty. Often, adults want to hide and make themselves look good when they are not. It is almost inadequacy when you struggle. This is not the case. We all struggle, and we must all be transparent. Teens are this way.

Thanks Cassandra for putting together the hurts, struggles, and wins of the teens across America. Youth leaders and Parents need to check this out. It is very interesting and intriguing.

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