Disney Kids Show Features Lesbian Couple

Good_Luck_CharlieThe Disney hit show, “Good Luck Charlie” announced last summer that it would feature an episode featuring a lesbian couple. The show aired this past Sunday night. In the show, the parents of the little girl (Charlie) set up a play date with one of her friends. Her friend just so happened to have two mothers. What is shocking is the kid friendly influence of the show. It is for kids, but yet the show has seemingly made homosexuality the normal lifestyle for the upcoming generation. Miley Cyrus is arguably the largest Disney star who starred in her role on Hannah Montana. Miley said this of the show’s decision to have the lesbian couple, “Is this true?!? I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They (Disney) control so much of what kids think! Life isn’t bright sets & wardrobe & kids becoming superstars! This is INSPIRING.”

The thing that struck me was when Miley said “Disney controls so much of what kids think.” I pondered that thought, and was like YES. That is so true. Disney does control what our kids think in so many ways. They contribute to forming the opinion of our kids. That is why something that may seem so subtle influences our kids at a very young age. When kids turn on the television, it is more than entertainment. It can and is shaping the way that you think. That is why it is important to be on guard for the influence that is flowing through the waves of media in your mind.

Watch the clip below:

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