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Get Connected newsletter promoGood Tuesday afternoon Parents,

I hope that you are doing great today. I have been super busy, and have not gotten around to sending you a newsletter here recently. So, I am sending one out this Tuesday afternoon. School is in full swing, and I am praying actively for your students to do well in their school work as well as influence for Christ the students around them.

I hope that if your student has not purchased a Word of Life book that they would do so this week. We are trying to get a book in each of the students’ hands to help them with their personal time with God. Let me know if your student needs one. Also, parents, we have adult devotionals as well. We can order them for you so that you can set the example for personal devotions as well as the student. Message me if you would like one.

Parenting Article: I occasionally write to parents from my personal blog. I try to encourage but help you as well. I wrote earlier about some reminders that were on my mind regarding parenting. I figured that I would share this with you. Here it is (hope that this is a help and a challenge to you)-

Team Peru: We had a tremendous turn out of interest for our Peru mission trip. I was extremely pleased with the turn out. I want to remind you that all applications are to be turned in by this Sunday to myself. Please have yours completely filled out along with your references. We will meet Sunday night, October 6th in the fellowship hall to discuss upcoming fund-raisers, etc. Parents are encouraged to attend the meeting as well.

Information Corner:

Upcoming WOL @ the Grove Lessons:

September 25– Sermon Topic- Radical Love (Students will learn that the love of God in them should be shown to others)

October 2– Sermon Topic- Show me some ID (Students will be challenged to prove that Jesus Christ is God, and they will be asked the question, does their life honor Jesus Christ); Special Speaker- Travis Hartman

October 9– Sermon Topic: Jesus beat the Odds (Students will be challenged with the authority of the Scriptures)

October 16– Sermon Topic- Known by our Fruit (Students will be challenged with examining the fruit that their life produces); Special Speaker- David Sheldon; Note: NO SMALL GROUPS!

October 23– Sermon Topic- Finding the Missing Piece (Students will learn that true peace only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ)

October 30– No Grove (Missions Conference in Sanctuary)

Our Upcoming Events: 

  • September 29 – Adult Leadership Meeting (Student Leaders need to attend as well). This will take place in the hospitality room of the sanctuary.
  • October 3&4 – Serving North Davidson Football Teams – More information to come.
  • October 5 – Bigger/Better Event- This event will be from 5-10 pm, please meet in the fellowship hall. The cost is $5 per person to attend. We will need many leaders signing up for this event.
  • October 12 – Community Service  – We will be going to visit at some retirement homes and then going to fast food (bring your own money). The times of this event are from 10-12 that morning.
  • October 13 – Parent/Leader Luncheon – This is for all parents of students in the Grove and small group leaders. The luncheon takes place in the cafeteria from 12:15 until 2 pm. R.S.V.P. will be coming soon. This is pot luck so make plans to bring something with you.
  • November 16 – Community Outreach – More info coming soon!!!
  • December 7 – Progressive Dinner– This will be from 5-9 pm. The cost is FREE for everyone. If you would like to take one of the meals in this, please see me at anytime.
  • December 14 – Christmas Caroling – This is our community outreach for the month of December. We will meet for dinner and then go out to Christmas carol.
  • January 24 – Grove Ski Retreat – More details to follow. Estimated price for skiing- $40 and estimated price for tubing is $25.

Scaremare:As much as I want to attend this event, I do not think that it is going to work itself out. We tried to schedule, but there are some major conflicts with our schedule and Liberty’s. We plan on going in the future, but we cannot make it this year. I do apologize.

I am trying to keep you as informed as possible! I hope that this newsletter helps you. We support our parents, and we pray for you often! Let us know if you have any questions about the Grove. Have a great week!

In His Service,

Josh Evans

Student Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church

Web: Blog:

W: 336-764-2103 C: 336-953-6427 F: 336-764-8657


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