Music Review: Jonas Brothers- First Time

jonas-brothers-first-time-music-videoThe Jonas Brothers are back on the scene with their new music video, “First Time” which released on July 18 and soared to well over a million views. The Jonas Brothers have been one of the few Disney stars to have not gone totally crazy when they get out of the Disney industry. They have released certain videos such as Camp Rock. These videos are extremely clean for today’s culture. The Jonas brothers have grown up in a church home and have claimed to be Christians. For this they have taken personal responsibility for being role models to the young kids and teens throughout the world.

After watching the music video, “first time,” it is still clean according to today’s standards. The scary thing is that they are driving through Las Vegas gambling, looking at women dancing, partying, and drinking out of a “red cup.” Typically, this means alcohol, but we will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I am hoping that this new music video is not the beginning of a downward spiral that these boys plan on going down. I will admit that I have watched the show, “Married to Jonas” with my wife (she forced me), and they do have morals and Christian values. I just hope that they do not allow the fame, popularity, and the pervasive culture of Hollywood affect who they are.

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