Justin Timberlake’s Music Video (Tunnel Vision) Allowed to Stay on YouTube Despite Nudity

HT_Justin_Timberlake_music_video_jef_130705_16x9_992The moral standard of America is slowly decreasing. You-tube has had a standard to not allow nudity on any of their videos up until this. Justin Timberlake’s music videos have been a bit provocative, but his new music video entitled, “Tunnel Vision” has taken provocative to a whole new level. The music video was posted with full female nudity on YouTube. It was taken down, but then put back up with an agreement that you are about to encounter “explicit material.” The video received so many views that it was not worth taking it down for YouTube.

Google says that “this video is an exception to their not allowing nudity policy.” A Google spokesperson says that “they make exceptions for videos such as this when they are presented in an educational, documentary, or artistic context.”

Way to go Google! You have just lowered your standards for the world. You also have set a brand new standard that the perversion of the world is okay if claimed to be artistic.

What message are we sending to our kids? Parents, this should challenge you to be aware of the music and videos that your student is allowed to watch.

2 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake’s Music Video (Tunnel Vision) Allowed to Stay on YouTube Despite Nudity

  1. Thanks for the review Josh. My wife made me aware of this video and I was not all that surprised knowing that over the years YouTube (and Google) have been allowing more and more nudity and adult material. I tend to not target the people in charge, in this case YouTube and Google, because I don’t expect them to keep standards consistent with Scripture. The “world” isn’t Christian so I don’t expect them to do the right thing or honor God. If I wasn’t a Christian, I wouldn’t be living in a God honoring way too. However, good stuff for parents and youth workers to be aware of. Thanks for your blog!

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