App Review: Instagram

Instagram Video - Bullet Point BrandingOkay, I am way behind if we are just now reviewing Instagram. I am not going to review instagram as a whole, but I want to look at their recent update. A few weeks ago, Instagram updated their app to allow video. Instagram has grown to be the most popular app on the market for taking photos. This was also the top app for students taking pictures as well. The new Vine app has risen as the top app for videos over the last 6 months. Students everywhere are regularly using Vine to capture short videos. Instagram had to play catch up and recently launched video editing on their app. This was a great move from Instagram, and I expect many to delete their vine accounts and switch to Instagram.

I like Instagram video! It is a great way to share quick videos of what you are doing. Parents, I encourage you to keep up with your students instagram account as well as the people that they regularly interact with on Instagram. Instagram video is easy to use, and like I mentioned earlier, this should take over Vine. I have recently seen a much lower usage of Vine from our students, and an increase in Instagram. From a parenting perspective, the app is fine to use for your kids with proper monitoring. Obviously, anyone can use an app like this for evil, but if you are regularly discussing with your student how to use this app, they should not have a problem. Talk with them about it, and regularly check their instagram, and you will not have a problem.

What are your thoughts on the recent move by Instagram?

2 thoughts on “App Review: Instagram

  1. Great review! When I saw the update, I was thinking: It is about time Instagram! I know several who are already hardcore vine users and they said that they will not switch back to instagram. Also, there is an interesting facet to the instagram videos being 13 seconds (I believe) instead of 6 or 7 seconds on vine.

    These things are hard to predict, so I will just wait and see what happens, but I will not delete my vine account just yet. 🙂

    Great post! Relevant and Helpful! I love how you also encourage the parents of students to stay involved in their social media! So Important!

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