The Importance of Vacation in Ministry

the importance of vacation in ministry blog postVacations are necessary in any occupation especially ministry. I recommend that any family try to have a vacation each year to get away regardless of the occupation that they are involved in. I was recently able to take a family vacation. it came at a perfect time in that I needed a break from the busyness of every day ministry. I want to give you a few thoughts about vacationing:

  • Relax while on vacation– Look, do not fill every second of your schedule with something. Find some time to sit back and relax. Just to chill. While on vacation, we spent much of our time by the pool just hanging out. It was very relaxing.
  • Read while on vacation– This is for the purpose of growth and encouragement. I was able to read a lot while on vacation. I try to take a couple of books with me each vacation to spend some good reading time. If you are a leader and not a reader, I encourage you to start reading. Honestly, it is one of the ways to help you grow in your leadership.
  • Try not to dwell on the ministry– Now, obviously, speaking about it is normal, but try to get away from it for a bit. Sit back and enjoy a vacation away from the ministry. If you dwell on the ministry the entire time while on vacation, you might as well be back in the office. Make plans before you leave for others to handle the ministry while you are gone so you do not have to text, email, etc. people back home in your ministry.
  • Take a nap– I rarely get a nap while at home so try to take naps on vacation. This rests your body and there is just something great about waking up after a good nap.
  • Do something fun– If you like to golf, find time to golf. Find time to do a fun amusement with the family. One thing that I did was play putt putt every night with my dad and brother-in-law. That was fun for me. We had a tournament all week. It gets your mind off of things, and was just good fun!

Question: What do you like to do on vacation?

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Vacation in Ministry

  1. I would say that I need at least two weeks in order to decompress from ministry. I turn off my phone, and disconnect from facebook/twitter/instagram. All those social networks are work. I love your suggestions.

    1. Thanks for the insight Kolby. I appreciate your thoughts. So, do you seriously disconnect from all social media? Wow, I definitely cut back, but not entirely. Nice work.


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