what to look for when recruiting volunteersOver the last 2 years, I have learned a lot about youth leaders. I have learned a lot from them, and a lot about recruiting them. Here are a few things that the youth pastor must look into when recruiting youth leaders.

  • Personal Growth– You must have them actively growing as a follower of Jesus or you cannot expect the students in their small group to grow personally. 
  • Faithfulness– I am looking to recruit leaders who are faithful. The ones who come to youth group, but also the main church services as well regularly. Usually, if they are not faithful, the students under them will not be faithful either.
  • Uncritical– If there is one thing that I HATE, it is critical spirits. I want to improve by looking at some positive instead of always pointing out the negative. I want leaders who believe in their students. I want leaders who do not criticize the way things are done. I want leaders who do not criticize students for their trendy culture either.
  • Relational– This is key. Students crave relationships (believe it or not, even from their youth leaders). You must have leaders who are intentional about building relationships with students in and outside of youth group.
  • Integrity– I want character from our youth leaders. Honesty is important. You must have a leader who has integrity. Students must see integrity.



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