Ways I am Trying to Improve as a leader

Leadership Road SignI am always trying to improve my leadership development. I am 28 years old so I have a long way to go. Here are a few things that I am trying to work on this year in improving my leadership development.

  • Time Management– I am trying to schedule my time more effectively. If we are not careful, we can have many things to do, and not get any of them done. Why? it could be a time management issue. Do not waste your time, but be a good steward of your time. 
  • Writing More– One thing that I have learned about leadership is the principle of writing. I always made fun of journals, but blogging is a journal in and of itself. I am trying to blog consistently and in a scheduled format. Also, I have a long term goal of compiling some posts into an eventual book one day.
  • Prepare Sermons Earlier– I am tired of preparing sermons last-minute. I usually have been decent about this, but want to get better. Pastors, do not prepare your sermon the weekend that you preach it. That should be for final prayer and delivery, but not for the writing of the sermon. I am scheduling my preaching calendar at least a couple of months out so we know where we are headed.
  • Share Vision Regularly with Leaders– We have started a regular monthly leadership meeting with our student ministry volunteers. I am trying to regularly keep the vision in front of them. I am working on praying about vision more intentionally, and then articulating that vision to the leadership team
  • Read, read, read– I want to be a reader. I used to hate reading, and am gaining a love for it now. I want to love it even more, and become more consistent at reading. I want to regularly be reading leadership and student ministry blogs, but also the top books to help me grow as a follower of Jesus.

Question: What are you doing to grow as a leader?

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